Drive-by shooting caught on camera during tv interview

While participating in an on-air discussion on curbing crime in Memphis city parks, a community leader, known only as Yolanda, found herself in the terrifying position of dodging bullets from a drive-by shooting.

Yolanda had appeared on ABC24 to shed light on the local police’s initiative to implement a teen curfew in southwest Tennessee’s Memphis city.

The gunfire broke out in the middle of the interview when Yolanda was spelling out her name for the camera crew. Unexpectedly, the Whitehaven neighborhood was pierced by over a dozen rapid-fire gunshots, prompting her to quickly drop to the ground for safety.

Remaining calm and composed, she urgently advised the TV crew to take cover. After enduring a few alarming seconds, she tried to reassure those present that the danger had passed. During this chaotic event, Yolanda made an effort to comfort the visibly shaken reporter.

During the Tuesday news telecast, anchor Richard Ransom shared details of the disturbing occurrence. He informed viewers that the gunfire was aimed at a nearby housing complex and, fortunately, no one was hurt.

There has been no report of any arrests so far.