Death Threat Made Against the President

( – Federal law prohibits anyone from making threats toward the President of the United States. Any person who does attempt to terrorize or endanger the country’s leader faces serious charges, as one Kansas man is finding this out firsthand.

Scott Ryan Merryman faces charges for threatening to harm President Joe Biden and engaging in interstate communications containing threats to injure. A complaint officials filed in the US District Court of Maryland on January 28 shows multiple accounts of Merryman saying he had plans to hurt Biden.

Merryman allegedly called police on January 25 in Independence, KS, to tell them he was going to Washington, D.C. to see the president. The Secret Service then confronted him on January 26 in Hagerstown, MD, where they interviewed and searched him, finding three rounds of ammunition and a spotting scope; the man was not found to be in possession of a firearm.

Authorities let him go at that time, but on January 27, Merryman called the White House, making threats toward the president. Secret Service agents contacted him again, at which time he continued to make threatening statements aimed at Biden.

Merryman’s actions led prosecutors to seek an arrest warrant. The evidence against him includes social media posts showing hostility toward Secret Service agents and the president.

Agents received the warrant and took Merryman into custody on January 30.

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