Dead body mysteriously found at the park

WILMINGTON, DE – Law enforcement agencies in Delaware are looking into a mysterious incident that left a woman dead in a popular Wilmington park. The body was discovered early Sunday morning in New Castle County’s Kosciuszko Park, leaving residents in shock.

Authorities responded to reports of a body found in the park’s central area around 7 a.m. Authorities had cordoned off South Franklin and Maple streets near the park early Sunday as the investigation commenced.

The park was temporarily shut down for public use during the initial investigation. Eyewitnesses claim that they saw the area sealed with caution tape, ambulances, and several police officers. A medical examiner was also reportedly present at the scene.

Christine Merrill, a frequent visitor of the park from Wilmington, vividly described the unsettling sight, which raised alarm among the local community.

At this time, the police haven’t released any information regarding the deceased woman’s identity or age. The unsettling news has particularly disturbed parents, as the park is a popular spot for children’s play.

Priscilla Hairston and Kristina Mayer, both residents of Wilmington, voiced their surprise and fear over the incident. Mayer emphasized the need for greater police protection, echoing the sentiment of other concerned residents.

Notably, this isn’t the first criminal incident at Kosciuszko Park. Action News reported on earlier crimes dating back to 2012 when a teenage girl was sexually assaulted. Throughout 2013, four assaults were reported in the area, including two rapes and two robberies. Several residents have linked this incident to the park’s grim history.

Currently, investigators are trying to establish if foul play was involved in the woman’s death, calling on members of the public with any information to step forward.