Day of the Dead tarnished with graveyard shooting

MEXICO CITY, MX – A somber Day of the Dead holiday took a tragic turn in Mexico when two men were fatally shot while visiting a cemetery, according to reports from prosecutors. Another individual was wounded during the violent incident, which occurred in the Mexico City suburb of Naucalpan.

The Day of the Dead, a cultural tradition celebrated from November 1st to 2nd, sees Mexicans visiting the graves of their deceased relatives. It appears the perpetrators seized upon this tradition, using it as a cover to ambush their victims.

While official details about the motive and the victims’ identities have yet to be released, local media have suggested that the victims included a businessman in the car bullet-proofing industry and his bodyguard.

Traditionally, the Day of the Dead is a peaceful time for families to clean and decorate graves, share meals, sing songs, or sit in quiet reflection. However, this year’s observance was tainted by violence, not just in Naucalpan but also in the northern part of Mexico.

In the northern border state of Sonora, police were attacked between the towns of Santa Ana and Magdalena de Kino, a mere 56 miles from the Arizona border. The attackers left behind three assault rifles, a truck, and blood traces before fleeing to a nearby mountain.

In the wake of the attack, the mayor of Santa Ana evacuated a local school and put all Day of the Dead celebrations on hold. The rising tensions led to several other towns also calling off their traditional Day of the Dead events.