Cruel couple arrested for starving their 10-year-old son

In a disturbing incident emerging from Georgia, a couple has been apprehended on charges of child abuse and neglect. The arrest came after their extremely malnourished 10-year-old son was found wandering the local streets in search of food.

Local Griffin law enforcement apprehended Tyler and Krista Schindley following a distressing discovery by neighbors. The couple’s severely underweight son was found lost in the neighborhood, pleading with officers not to return him to his parents.

Authorities found the child was gravely malnourished, weighing a mere 36 pounds, which is roughly half the expected weight of a child his age. It’s a weight more typical for a 4-year-old child.

Griffin District Attorney Marie Broder, in a media briefing on Tuesday, emphasized the severity of the situation. She indicated that the young boy had been intentionally deprived of nourishment, describing the situation as “tragic” and stating that the child was essentially being starved to death.

According to court documents, the child’s parents are alleged to have kept him confined to his bedroom, left alone for extended durations without any basic necessities such as food, clothing, or adult supervision. Allegedly, they also deprived him of hot water, toilet paper, views of the outside world, and even human interaction.

Further allegations suggest the parents also inflicted physical harm on the child. Following his rescue, the child was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. He is currently receiving care for malnutrition and a significantly low heart rate, as well as dental injuries and disfigurement linked to his prolonged starvation.

Broder, with significant experience prosecuting child abuse cases, expressed her dismay at the shocking circumstances, referring to the case as “heartbreaking.”

Further investigations revealed the presence of other children in the Schindley residence. These children have since been placed under the care of the state’s Department of Family and Children’s Services.