Former police officer allegedly handcuffed a man so that his brother could beat him

Former St. Louis County police officer James Sims was recently charged for his involvement in two separate incidents involving the same victim.

Sims initially received a call from his brother, Robert, in November while on duty as a police officer for the North County Police Cooperative. According to the probable cause statement released by the cooperative, Sims was on duty when his brother called about a fight and he responded to a residence in the area. Sims then handcuffed a man and allowed his brother to physically assault the victim, resulting in facial injuries. The cooperative provides police services for towns in north St. Louis County.

Nearly a month later, while still on duty, Sims confronted the same man at a convenience store. Sims continued the physical altercation again, resulting in the man sustained minor injuries. The incident was the basis for the additional charges made on James Sims. Both brothers have yet to obtain legal counsel according to Missouri’s court records.

James Sims was charged with first-degree kidnapping, felony third-degree assault and misdemeanor assault. He is currently out on a $250,000 bond. His brother Robert Sims was also charged with a third-degree assault for his involvement in the first incident.