Bee swarm nearly kills a man in LA

A swarm of bees left a uniformed Los Angeles Police volunteer severely injured on Monday afternoon, after attacking outside a home in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Aerial footage shows the man attempting to walk away from the swarm, swarming his head and blocking his access to the car, forcing him to walk down the road in an attempt to escape. The attack increased in intensity and after a brief period, he falls to the ground, helpless, as the swarm encircles him.

Professional bee handlers were called to the locality to address the swarm of bees on the roof of the house. After calling for help, the volunteer was hospitalized, however, the extent of his injuries still remain unclear.

Authorities advise that in the event of a bee attack, the best way to stay safe is to run in a straight line, covering the face and opting for any available shelter. Experts also discourage getting into the water or attempting to fight the bees.

This was the second attack caused by the swarm of bees. Authorities reported that details regarding the second person attacked by the swarm of bees are still unknown.