A cult allegedly assaulted a female and sacrificed animals, including a puppy

WEST MONROE, LA – Five people have been taken into custody in Louisiana after allegedly keeping a partner captive, forcing her out of Christianity and into ritualistic practices deemed “Vikingism,” which led to sacrificing a puppy “to the Gods.”

According to the police, the leading figure of the West Monroe cult is a woman named Hannah Frisby, 29, who shares her life with three ‘husbands’—Caleb Frisby, 28, James Owens, and Justin Cowart, 26—and her uncle, Tommy Allen, 54. They were all arrested on Friday alongside Hannah Frisby.

The reported rituals conducted by this group include practicing satanism and witchcraft, along with Vikingism, which celebrates the worship of the Norse pantheon. Documents derived from a KNOE arrest suggest that these practices included the ritualistic sacrifice of a puppy.

The investigation into this Louisiana quintet by the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office began in September following a police tip from the victim’s sister. The victim was in a polyamorous relationship with Hannah Frisby and her three ‘husbands.’ After moving to their home, she was reportedly required to disavow her Christian faith and accept the family’s religious views, which included ritualistic punishments and the subsequent sexual exploitation served at the mercy of her captors.

Reports detailed that the severity of the abuse escalated over time, with the victim being treated as a slave and expected to satisfy the sexual demands of the ‘husbands.’ To avoid abusive repercussions from Hannah Frisby, she was coerced into complying.

When the victim’s sister visited for dinner, the victim resorted to their family distress signal in the form of an inquiring question about ‘Freddy.’ The victim also passed the message of her desperate struggle via a note in her sister’s notebook that read, “Help me. They won’t let me leave. They beat me every day like a slave.”

The depravity of this case led to the swift arrest of the five culprits by the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office and resulted in multiple charges, including first-degree rape, ritualistic acts, and aggravated battery against the cult leader Hannah Frisby. The four others were also charged with differentiated combinations of the same offenses.