Crazed woman sprays people with fire extinguisher in the middle of the airport

At the Atlanta airport, a Delta passenger created a stir when she tried to open secured doors in the concourse. According to the preliminary press release from the Atlanta Police Department, the woman then sprayed a fire extinguisher when she was confronted about this behavior.

On the night of January 17th, 2023, at approximately 9:34pm, the Atlanta police were called to the scene at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport’s concourse. They were responding to reports about a suspicious female acting erratically.

Jennifer Holder, the woman in question, reacted negatively when the personnel at the airport asked her why she hadn’t paid for her chicken wings at a Buffalo Wild Wings outlet within Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.

In a video that captured the incident, Holder was seen engaging in a verbal altercation with airport employees, seemingly suggesting that someone else had paid for her meal. She then proceeded to pick up a fire extinguisher and discharge it within the bustling airport. The video shows travelers frantically attempting to escape the area as the clouds of chemicals filled the air.

Despite the fact that officers were sprayed with the fire extinguisher, they were still able to arrest her. As a result of being exposed to the extinguisher, three flight attendants were taken to the hospital due to difficulty breathing.

While in custody, Holder continued to act in an unpredictable and hostile manner, spitting at the officers and kicking them during her detainment.

Paramedics were called to assess Holder for any minor wounds she acquired during the episode. After the medical personnel gave her the all-clear, she was taken to the Clayton County jail with a several charges set against her, including assault.

The investigation of the incident is still in progress.