Convenience store employee killed by armed robber at work

CHICAGO, IL – A man has been charged with a murder case linked to the fatal shooting of a South Side convenience store employee in January. Jimmy Smith, 45, is accused of shooting Shadi Mohammad Suleimen Almomani, 43. The gunfire broke out as Almomani was exiting from work, according to Chicago police.

The incident occurred in the alley of the 300 block of East 79th Street, just outside the Half Moon Grocery, around 10:15 pm on January 9. On being apprehended by the police on Friday, Smith now confronts two felony counts for murder, along with a count for armed robbery.

The owner of Half Moon Grocery, Rami Kanaan, earlier expressed his grief and disbelief over the murder of Almomani, his close friend and long-time employee. Referring to the futility of the crime, Kanaan said, “They just took my brother’s life over what? Over money! It’s not worth it.”

Police reports indicate that Almomani fell victim to an attempted armed robbery while leaving work. His vehicle was parked in the alley adjacent to the Grand Crossing store when a man approached him with the intention to rob him.

The store’s security cameras documented the crime, offering a clearer understanding of the events. Describing the footage, Kanaan shared that the assailant collected Almomani’s possessions, including money and IDs. Upon Almomani’s resistance, the robber shot him, subsequently fleeing the scene.

Almomani succumbed to a head wound at the incident location. He was a former police officer in Jordan and arrived in the United States in August, intending to provide an enhanced life for his wife and three kids back at home. Almomani worked overnight at the store.

Smith is set for a court appearance for a hearing on Sunday.