Child saved from kidnapping in Florida

LEHIGH ACRES, FL – A chilling incident unfolded in a Lehigh Acres Walmart store this past Friday, as a Florida resident was apprehended for allegedly trying to abduct a child. The suspect, named Pablo Pintueles Hernandez, is now facing charges of false imprisonment of a minor, specifically a child aged 13 or younger, according to details released by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities allege that Hernandez targeted a four-year-old boy, attempting to pull him away from his family. Fortunately, a family member was able to intervene swiftly, thwarting the alleged abduction. The Sheriff’s Office shared that the store’s surveillance video corroborated the account of events, showing an unidentified male approaching the child and attempting to lead him away before a relative stepped in.

Investigative efforts revealed that Hernandez had indeed grabbed the child’s wrist, pulled him, and uttered ‘let’s go,’ effectively restraining the child and directing him to accompany him. Law enforcement officers arrived at Hernandez’s home about an hour after the incident and promptly arrested him.

The incident has been labeled as “incredibly disturbing” by Sheriff Carmine Marceno, who pledged his commitment to the safety of Lee County residents. “I never want anyone in Lee County to feel unsafe, especially going on a simple shopping trip. My team will stop at NOTHING to ensure criminals like this face the consequences of their actions,” he stated.