Charlie Sheen’s neighbor charged with assault with a deadly weapon against him

MALIBU, CA – In a startling turn of events, Electra Schrock, a neighbor of famed actor Charlie Sheen, was apprehended this week on charges of assaulting the actor at his Malibu home, as reported by local law enforcement.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, in a statement issued on Friday, disclosed that Schrock, 47, was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. She is also facing allegations of using force likely to inflict bodily injury and burglary.

The incident came to light on Wednesday afternoon when the authorities responded to a battery-disturbance call from Sheen’s residence. Schrock was due to make her court appearance on Friday.

There has been no immediate response from Sheen’s representatives regarding the incident. Sheen, aged 58, is a household name, recognized for his role in the TV series “Two and a Half Men” and movies like “Wall Street,” “The Three Musketeers,” and “Major League.”