Car smashes into pizza restaurant after road-rage shooting

California law enforcement officials are currently on the hunt for individuals involved in a road rage incident that led to a vehicle crashing into a pizza restaurant. The incident, which occurred on Friday, involved a Chevy Avalanche pick-up truck and a stolen white Toyota Corolla, according to the Hayward Police Department.

The situation escalated when an individual in the Toyota Corolla opened fire on the Chevy Avalanche. In response, the truck crashed into a Round Table Pizza outlet located on Foothill Boulevard. Santiago Munoz, the manager of the pizza outlet, recounted the terrifying incident. He said he heard a loud noise and then saw the vehicle coming towards the restaurant.

Adding to the chaos, Munoz reported that a teenager emerged from the truck and assaulted him when he inquired about the situation. The police believe the incident was likely a result of road rage. Cassondra Fovel, a spokesperson for the Hayward Police Department, urged the community to exercise caution on the roads, as it’s impossible to predict if other drivers are armed.

The Hayward Police Department is actively investigating the incident, but no arrests have been made so far. Further details about the incident are yet to be released.