Boris Johnson Facing A Vote Of No Confidence. May Be Ousted By His Own Party.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will face a vote of confidence on Monday – CNN

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will face a vote of no confidence on Monday, if 180 Conservative lawmakers vote against him, he will be forced from office less than three years after winning a general election in a landslide.

The Prime Minister urged Conservative MPs to support him in a confidence vote and said the vote presented an opportunity to focus on what really matters.

Jeremy Hunt, who opposed Johnson when he was elected, said he would vote against Johnson in the vote to replace him as Prime Minister.

Jesse Norman, a Conservative MP, said that Johnson’s remaining in office “insults the electorate” and makes a change of government at the next election more likely. John Penrose quit as the anti-corruption tsar after Johnson broke the ministerial code.

Johnson’s approval ratings have been plunging and the party is facing two difficult parliamentary by-elections. Labour leader Keir Starmer has urged Conservative MPs to remove Johnson.

Several of Johnson’s top ministers have already declared their support for him, arguing that it is not the right time to trigger a leadership contest.

If Johnson loses the Conservative Party leadership vote, he would resign as prime minister and recommend that whoever won the leadership contest form a government.

Analysts said it was difficult to predict the outcome of the vote on Johnson’s leadership. However, if there were a large number of MPs voting against him, Johnson’s leadership may be irretrievably damaged.

Johnson could emerge stronger within his party if he wins the vote, but a narrow win would leave his reputation diminished even if it does not topple his government. Disappointing results in this month’s by-elections could heap more pressure on Johnson ahead of a national general election expected in 2024.

Conservative Party rules allow MPs to get rid of their leader by submitting a letter of no confidence. The 1922 Committee doesn’t reveal how many letters have been submitted.

Johnson’s reputation has been dented by accusations that he accepted improper donations and that his government handed lucrative contracts to people with links to the Conservative Party.

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