Man arrested after chaining woman to a floor for torture and threatening to kill her

A 36-year-old man from Louisville, Moises May, has been apprehended by local police following allegations of a horrific crime. The suspect is accused of forcing a woman to undress, cutting her hair with a machete, and keeping her chained to the floor for a period of five hours. He also allegedly threatened to end her life.

The victim, identified as Joanna Wilson, was discovered by law enforcement officials in a residence off Dixie Highway. May, who is the father of Wilson’s child, is said to have forced her to undress and kept her chained in a house they once shared. The incident reportedly began with a heated argument between the two on Wednesday.

According to the arrest report, May physically restrained Wilson, slapped her, and used a machete to cut her hair. He allegedly warned her of dire consequences if she left and didn’t return home. Wilson recounted the terrifying ordeal, stating that May forced her to undress and chained her up. He then allegedly called a friend, stating his intention to kill her upon his return from returning equipment to a store.

Wilson believes that she would have been killed if not for the intervention of her neighbors who alerted the authorities. She managed to open a window and screamed for help, attracting the attention of nearby residents. She described the house as a fortress, with every door and window bolted shut, making escape impossible.

Firefighters had to resort to using a ladder to reach the second floor of the house and bolt cutters to free the victim. The arrest report noted the extreme indifference to human life displayed by the suspect, as he left the victim chained with no means of calling for help or escaping, thereby creating a risk of serious physical injury or death.

The Louisville Metro Police Department confirmed that May is currently being processed. A spokesperson expressed hope that the arrest would bring some relief to Wilson, the victim in this case. The department continues to investigate the incident.