Argument ends with man stabbed, ran over by car

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A local Philadelphia man, Yel Win, has been taken into custody and accused of murder after a horrifying altercation took a fatal turn, according to law enforcement officials. The incident spiraled out of control when Win reportedly stabbed Mang Sang before running him over with a vehicle.

After circulating surveillance video capturing the events leading up to Sang’s tragic demise on April 8, Philadelphia police apprehended Win on Thursday evening. The whole incident took place on Front Street’s 1600 block, which is now an active murder investigation scene.

When they arrived at the location, law enforcement officials found Sang, aged 22, trapped underneath a white Kia GT. The victim had a severe stab wound on his neck’s right side, leading investigators to conclude he’d been stabbed before being run over.

In addition to the knife, police found blood traces at the scene- offering chilling evidence of the crime. According to law enforcement, Sang had already passed away when medical personnel arrived at the scene.

Investigators propose that during a heated argument, Win stabbed Sang, leading to his fall, after which he was mowed down with his own vehicle. Surveillance footage shared by the Police Department showed Win pacing down the street in the moments after the crime.

Currently, Win faces charges that include murder and robbery, evidence tampering, and corpse abuse.