Actor from ‘General Hospital’ shot dead while shielding co-worker

LOS ANGELES, CA – Popular “General Hospital” actor Johnny Wactor, 37, tragically lost his life in an attempt to shield a female co-worker from armed robbers over the weekend. His brother, Grant, revealed that the fatal incident happened when Johnny was helping the unidentified woman to her car early Saturday morning.

Johnny thought his vehicle was being towed when he noticed three individuals tampering with his car. However, upon realizing the situation, he bravely positioned himself between his co-worker and the hostile thieves. His efforts to protect her were met with deadly gunfire, according to the Los Angeles Police Department’s assessment of the scene.

The masked perpetrators promptly fled the scene in a separate vehicle, leaving a distraught and grieving family behind. As of Monday morning, the suspects remain at large.

The death of Wactor has shattered his family, with his grandmother Barbara expressing deep sorrow over the “senseless” death of her grandson.

His mother, Scarlett Wactor, shared how Johnny, an active actor, often worked extra bartending shifts between his acting gigs. That fateful night, Johnny had worked late and had left the job site with three co-workers. Two of them had left in a different direction, leaving him and the female colleague he was accompanying when they were ambushed.