Active shooter terrorizes Philadelphia neighborhood

Pittsburgh police are currently responding to an active shooting situation in the Garfield neighborhood, where numerous rounds of gunfire have been reported. The exact number of injuries remains unknown at this time. The incident reportedly escalated into gunfire when law enforcement arrived to serve an eviction notice. As shots continue to be fired, authorities have closed off several roads and are urging residents to stay away.

Law enforcement officials have established a media staging area but have not yet announced a time for a briefing. The FBI has also been deployed to the scene. Officers are working to evacuate individuals from the houses in the 4800 block of Broad St. Residents are advised to shelter in place, dial 911, and provide their address for assistance. Police will be present to guide them to safety.

President Biden has been briefed on the active shooter situation in Pittsburgh, according to a spokesperson from the White House. Meanwhile, a trooper at the scene revealed that the resident of the home involved in the eviction incident had been shooting down police drones. As of now, the resident remains barricaded inside their home.

The Garfield neighborhood, located in northeast Pittsburgh, has been shaken by the ongoing gunfire. One neighbor expressed shock, stating that the sound of bullets was unlike anything they had ever heard before. The situation has prompted the closure of multiple roads, disrupting the daily lives of residents in the area.

The active shooting situation in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh continues to unfold, with shots still being fired. Law enforcement authorities are working diligently to evacuate residents and ensure their safety. The FBI has joined local police in responding to the incident. As the situation develops, further updates and details are expected to be provided by the authorities.