A Shocking Look Inside the Nashville School Shooter’s Home

Newly released photos reveal a surprising glimpse into the seemingly ordinary home where Audrey Hale, the Nashville school shooter, lived and hid her arsenal of weapons. The exterior of the brick, Tudor-style house portrays a typical family home.

Inside, school portraits are displayed on a credenza. Audrey’s mother, Norma Hale, has been known to be a devout Christian and had even expressed the importance of keeping guns out of schools on social media.

However, beneath the surface of this normal-looking household, 28-year-old Audrey Hale secretly amassed a collection of seven firearms.

Audrey used three of these deadly weapons—two assault rifles and a handgun—to carry out a horrifying attack on the Covenant School, where she killed three 9-year-olds, a school custodian, a substitute teacher, and the headmaster.

Audrey’s parents believed that their adult child possessed only one gun, which they thought she had sold. Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake stated that the parents “felt she should not own weapons” and were under the impression that she no longer had any firearms.

On the fateful day, Audrey brought the deadly weapons to the Christian academy and opened fire, claiming the lives of six innocent people.

Audrey, who was transgender, was ultimately confronted by police on the second floor of the school. After a tense standoff, she was shot and killed by officers, ending her deadly rampage.

Upon learning of their daughter’s concealed arsenal, Audrey’s parents were both shocked and devastated.