A man hid his girlfriend’s body in a closet for months expecting resurrection after killing her

George Bone, a 31-year-old convicted sex offender, was apprehended on Wednesday on charges of murdering Beverly Ma, his roommate’s girlfriend. Authorities discovered Ma’s body, with a belt around her neck, concealed in Bone’s closet. It is believed that the body had been there for approximately two months.

Bone reportedly kept the body in his closet, maintaining the house’s air conditioning at 60 degrees due to the presence of flies. He was reportedly fearful of returning to prison. According to the arrest report, Bone had placed a cooler near the closet door as an alarm system, in case Ma “resurrected like in the movie ‘The Grudge’”.

The police were alerted to the situation by a family member of Ma’s, who had noticed a series of suspicious activities, including 84 unanswered calls. The family member was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher when Bone, seemingly unperturbed, brushed his teeth while conversing with Ma’s family. He reportedly did not call 911 himself, believing he would be arrested due to his race.

Bone led Ma’s family to the master bedroom of their Las Vegas residence, where he showed them Ma’s body in the closet, implying that she had committed suicide. The family member ended the call with the 911 dispatcher and did not answer the return call, prompting a police response.

Upon their arrival, the police found inconsistencies in Bone’s suicide narrative. When confronted, Bone reportedly stated, “Since my truth is sounding so much like lies, I think I need to get an attorney,” and the interview was terminated. Bone was denied bail at his initial court appearance on July 27 and is due back in court on August 1.