A float plane crash kills one and critically injures another

Bellevue, WA – A devastating incident unfolded on Lake Sammamish, Washington, when a floatplane crashed, causing one fatality and leaving another person fighting for their life, as confirmed by local police. The Bellevue Fire Department took to social media to report the event, which happened at approximately 11 a.m. on Friday.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) identified the aircraft involved as a Seawind 3000, an amphibious plane with a four-seat capacity. The crash site was Lake Sammamish, a freshwater body located eight miles east of Seattle in King County.

Two individuals were aboard the small aircraft when the incident occurred. A group of jet skiers, who were nearby, played a significant role in the rescue operation, managing to bring one of the victims to shore. This individual is currently in a critical condition. Regrettably, the other passenger did not survive the crash.

The identities of the victims have not been released, and the cause of the crash remains a mystery. The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are conducting an investigation into the tragic event.