A 6-year-old girl and her parents were shot by man over a basketball

On Tuesday evening, the Gaston County Police Department quickly responded to a call about a shooting in the area. The investigation revealed that 24-year-old Robert Louis Singletary had shot one adult male and one adolescent female, and that an additional woman sustained minor gunshot wounds, while a second adult male had been shot at.

The uproar started when a basketball belonging to a group of neighborhood children rolled into Singletary’s yard.

Allegedly, unloaded a gun towards a neighboring house prior to going up to William White and his 6-year-old daughter, Kinsley. For medical treatment, they had to be conveyed to a nearby medical facility.

Consequently, Kinsley had several stitches in her cheek due to her being shot in the cheek. Luckily the bullet was lodged before it could cause more damage. In an obvious display of shock, she asked her father why Singletary had opened fire on them.

According to the White family, when Singletary started shooting, William tried to get the gunfire on himself instead, shielding his family. The result was that he was shot in the midback in his own backyard.

The Gaston County Police Department obtained several warrants for his arrest. Singletary faces four charges of attempted murder, two charges of assaulting someone with a deadly weapon, and owning a gun as a felon.

In the previous month, Singletary was charged with physically attacking his girlfriend with a mini sledgehammer and keeping her confined in an apartment for two hours.

The Gaston County Police Department’s Chief, Stephen M. Zill, visibly frustrated by the attack, stated, “This type of violence will not be accepted.”

Law enforcement organizations continue to search for Singletary