12-year-old boy shot in Virginia, investigation underway

LINCOLNIA, VA – A 12-year-old boy sustained multiple gunshot wounds in an incident that occurred on Tuesday afternoon in the Lincolnia area of Fairfax County, Virginia. The child, who is in the 7th grade, was shot in the lower body but fortunately had injuries that were not life-threatening. He was promptly transported to a hospital and later released on the same day, according to the local police.

The incident took place around 4:20 p.m. in the 4600 block of N. Chambliss Street. Witnesses reported hearing approximately four gunshots, causing panic in the neighborhood. Fairfax County police swiftly responded to the scene. Concerned residents were urged to stay inside their homes, as the situation unfolded.

Authorities still have the motive behind the shooting under investigation. However, they have reassured the public that there is no immediate danger. Detectives believe that the young victim had exited a vehicle and was walking towards a nearby residence when the assailant approached from behind, opening fire before fleeing the scene. The suspect, described as wearing a black mask, is thought to have specifically targeted the child.

While initially, it was reported that multiple suspects had fled in a white BMW, subsequent updates clarified that only one suspect had escaped in that vehicle. However, there are additional individuals being sought in connection with the shooting.

During the investigation, authorities discovered that an 18-year-old man from D.C., Demonte Basil, was unlawfully concealing a handgun. Basil was cited for the concealed weapon violation.

The incident has left the neighborhood on edge, with residents expressing fear and anxiety about the safety of their loved ones, especially children. Police are actively seeking leads and descriptions to identify those involved in the incident.