Woman stabs boyfriend for wetting the bed

In East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, deputies have accused a woman of attempted murder after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend due to his peeing in their shared bed.

According to KTTV in Los Angeles, law enforcement responded to a stabbing victim in a local hospital on Saturday. The injured person was treated for a knife wound on the left side of their torso as well as a punctured lung.

They explained to police that their partner, 25-year-old Briana Lacost, had become “extremely angry” after he urinated on the bed that both of them had been sharing for the last eighteen months.

The report also noted that Briana and the victim had consumed alcoholic beverages during the night and were both inebriated. After wetting the bed, the victim said that Lacost woke him up and started hitting him. As he tried to escape her, Lacost allegedly charged him with a kitchen knife and stabbed him.

Investigators questioned Lacost, who said that she and her boyfriend had been planning to split up. She admitted to being upset at his urination and “ripping him” off the bed. This caused the altercation between the two.

In addition, Lacost told the deputies that her boyfriend had started to choke her and she defended herself by stabbing him under his left arm. She then tried to provide medical aid, but ended up taking him to the hospital.

Deputies charged Lacost with second-degree attempted murder.