Man accused of kidnapping girlfriend after she threatened to expose his secret

A man from Texas secretly kept up a relationship with two different women- his wife and his girlfriend. The girlfriend, 33-year-old Kayla Kelley, was reported missing on January 11th.

Kelley, a resident of Collin County, had established a romantic relationship with a man named Kevin Brown after they connected online in the past year, according to WFAA, a local ABC affiliate station.

Kelley, a Collin County resident, had formed a relationship with a man named Kevin Brown after connecting over the internet. Prior to vanishing, Kelley realized that the individual she was dating was in fact named Ocastor Ferguson, and that he was already married to someone else.

Kelley had recently made a threat to Ferguson that she would divulge the details of their affair and the falsehoods he had told his wife, a fact attested to by the couple’s text messages.

Ocastor Ferguson, 32, has now been accused of abduction in relation to the now-missing woman. However, the police doubt that she is still alive as more evidence continues to surface.

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office divulged new information on Wednesday in regards to Kelley’s disappearance. A female corpse was discovered in a nearby field to Ferguson’s abode, which was less than a mile away. The medical examiner is now attempting to identify the body. Moreover, Kelley’s car was found “burnt beyond recognition” in a far-off region of Frisco one day after her friends reported her absent.

Ferguson’s phone data indicated he had gone to the location of the destroyed car and his own vehicle was located close to his girlfriend’s house. Consequently, he was arrested on charges of arson and abduction and is locked up with a $1 million bond bail.