Woman shoots man who drugged and kidnapped her

MONTGOMERY, TX – A dramatic incident unfolded in Texas on Friday when a woman, claiming to be a victim of kidnapping and drugging, informed the police that she had shot her captor. The woman, a 45-year-old Montgomery resident, dialed 911 around lunchtime, as per the Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman’s exact location was initially a mystery, but diligent deputies managed to trace her near a winery along East U.S. Highway 290. She cooperated with the deputies, providing details about the vehicle and weapon involved.

Acting on her information, a deputy discovered the vehicle in the westbound traffic’s outer lane. A man, who appeared lifeless, was found in the front seat. The Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office later confirmed the grim discovery.

The deceased was identified as Lance Damon Reid, 49, a resident of the Houston area. The Sheriff’s Office has kept details about Reid or his death under wraps for now.

Meanwhile, the woman was taken to a local hospital where an investigator questioned her. The Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office has not yet updated on her health status. The investigation into this intriguing case continues, with no additional information currently available.