Woman dragged underneath car for two blocks during violent hit-and-run shooting

ST. LOUIS, MO – Ellie Bentley, a 22-year-old British national who relocated to the United States, was seriously injured in a hit-and-run shooting incident in Missouri. Bentley, who moved to the US following her ex-boyfriend, professional footballer Indiana Vassilev, was caught in a drive-by shooting in St. Louis.

According to The Sun, Bentley was hit by a car and dragged for two blocks during the late-night shooting incident that happened last month. Bentley relocated to the US with Vassilev in 2021 when he signed with Major League Soccer club, St. Louis FC. The horrifying incident left her with multiple fractures, necessitating various reconstructive surgeries.

After spending two weeks in intensive care, Bentley was discharged from the hospital this past weekend. Describing Bentley’s terrifying experience, attorney Ben Tobin relayed to The Sun, “She was pretty sure she was going to die as she was dragged underneath the vehicle.”

The attorney added that Bentley initially hid behind another vehicle to evade the gunfire, but the driver of that vehicle subsequently hit her and dragged her for several blocks when they rapidly drove away.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed an as yet unidentified 35-year-old male as the shooting suspect, whose gunshots wounded a 25-year-old man. His medical condition, rushed to the hospital with gunshot injuries, is undisclosed. The vehicle that hit Bentley was identified, and the driver was apprehended, but the shooting suspect is still at large.

The incident reportedly escalated when a group attempted to enter the wrong car. Bentley happened to be alighting from a vehicle near her St. Louis residence when the shooting erupted, thrusting her into the deadly situation.

Origining from Nottingham in the United Kingdom, Bentley moved to St. Louis when her ex-boyfriend Vassilev, 23, transitioned to the MLS after a brief period with the Premier League team, Aston Villa.