Woman Charged In Plot To Kill Ex-Husbands New Wife

According to authorities, a woman in Pennsylvania plotted to kill her ex-husband’s new wife.

The accused, Marilyn Zhou, 56, of Chadds Ford, is charged with two counts of attempted murder and one count of third-degree money laundering. She was searching for someone to kill her when she was arrested.

On Sunday, she told an undercover cop she wanted the new wife killed, prosecutors said. She also wanted her 13-year-old daughter killed in case she was present.

To commit the murder, Zhou allegedly provided rubber gloves, a towel, images of the new wife, and $21,000 in cash.

The meeting ended with her agreeing to pay another $20,000 after the killing. She was arrested moments later.

Police seized $18,000 and other items she instructed the officer to use during the murder during a search of her home.