Woman arrested for allegedly disemboweling puppy and telling the dog’s owner ‘you’re next’

A woman has been arrested and charged with second-degree animal cruelty and misdemeanor battery after allegedly disembowling a man’s puppy and threatening to do the same to its owner. The incident, described by police as a “horrific scene,” took place on July 12. The accused, Yadelin Marin, 19, is currently in custody at the Miami-Dade jail, as a judge declined to set bail. The police report details the disturbing events that unfolded at a residence on NW 82nd Street.

A police report revealed that the dog’s owner was informed by a friend that his beloved pet had been killed and cut open in the bathtub. When he entered the bathroom, he was confronted with a gruesome sight and found Marin sitting in the bathtub. Shockingly, she allegedly threatened the man, saying, “you’re next.” The victim immediately contacted the authorities, while Marin left the scene. However, she returned to the same location seven days later and was subsequently arrested.

During the arrest, Marin reportedly blew spit into the face of the arresting officer. The police report does not provide details about the relationship between the dog’s owner and Marin, nor does it explain the motive behind the attack on the innocent animal.

Neighbors expressed their shock and disbelief at the incident, emphasizing the innocence of animals and the cruelty of such acts. The charges against Marin, including second-degree animal cruelty and misdemeanor battery, highlight the severity of the alleged offenses. The judge also decided to deny bail for Marin. The woman remains in custody at the Miami-Dade jail, awaiting further legal proceedings. The investigation into the motive behind the attack and the relationship between Marin and the dog’s owner is ongoing.