Woman accidentally gets compacted inside garbage truck

MANCHESTER, NH – A female was transported to a hospital with significant injuries after being rescued from a garbage truck’s hopper in Manchester, New Hampshire, authorities reported on Monday.

According to the Manchester Fire Department, it is believed the woman was in a dumpster that was subsequently unloaded into the rear hopper of the garbage truck during its routine collection. The statement revealed that she got lodged amongst trash that had been compressed up to four times, but it remains uncertain whether this caused her injuries.

“She was dumped at some point,” stated Fire Chief Ryan J. Cashin during an interview at the scene. The reason for the woman’s presence in the dumpster is yet unknown. Cashin mentioned that a sanitation worker on the truck observed the woman in the hopper through the truck’s camera system, which includes a viewpoint of the hopper interior.

Referring to the peculiar case, Cashin added, “I have never seen one like this.”

Upon the arrival of firefighters, the woman was seen standing and crying for help, as per the fire department’s statement. The rescue operation involved the use of a basket that was lowered into the hopper from a ladder truck.

Following her rescue, the woman was promptly transported to a trauma center, according to the fire department. Detailed information about her current condition was not available.