Woman, 26, dies suddenly during family dinner

A young woman from Brisbane, Dani Duchatel, aged 26, met an untimely end in a tragic incident that took place during a family dinner. Duchatel suffered a cardiac arrest on the evening of Sunday, May 21, in her parents’ Moreton Bay home while sharing a meal and enjoying a game of cards.

Duchatel, a government employee, was convalescing at her parents’ home following a leg surgery due to a recent injury. Medical practitioners suspect that a blood clot may have formed post-surgery, leading to a potential pulmonary embolism. However, official autopsy results are awaited to confirm the cause.

Duchatel’s mother, Kay, administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the time of the incident. However, her daughter could not be revived despite her best efforts.

The news of Duchatel’s sudden demise was shared by her grieving mother on social media.

Following this shocking event, Chantelle Lay, a family friend, initiated a GoFundMe campaign to assist the family in these trying times. The fundraiser has successfully amassed over $15,000 of its $20,000 target. Lay asked for financial support so that the family could grieve without immediate financial pressures.

Daniella was known for her love of travel, quilting, reading, and animals. Lay revealed that Daniella had dreamed of expanding her horizons through more global travel experiences.

So far, over 130 individuals have contributed to the fundraiser in support of the family.