Wife stores her husband’s dead body in a freezer for 11 years

When Utah officials conducted a welfare check on a 75-year-old woman, and they found her deceased due to natural causes. However, to their shock, they also discovered her husband’s corpse in a freezer.

Paul Mathers, who died at age 69, is thought to have passed away approximately eleven years ago, according to officials. Investigators found a letter that he left behind, asserting that his wife was not responsible for his death.

Police Sergeant Jeremy Hansen stated that they believe Paul Mathers was suffering from a terminal illness. The last sighting of Mathers was on the 4th of February 2009, at a Veterans Affairs hospital.

There are speculations that the woman continued to claim her husband’s Social Security and VA benefits even after his death, amounting to a total of around $177,000 over the course of 11 years.

Police officers have not excluded the possibility of murder and are examining whether the female had help with initially storing her husband’s corpse in the freezer.

Police reported that at the time of her husband’s alleged passing, Jeanne did not require the use of a wheelchair. However, she regularly used a wheelchair by the time of her own passing.

The letter that the husband left behind was notarized in 2008. The woman who authenticated the letter revealed to the police that she stamped it without reading its content, which is not essential for a notary to do.

Stunned neighbors in the Mathers’ retirement community described Jeanne as a “very nice person” who wouldn’t “hurt a fly.” But one resident said she’d claimed her husband walked out on her.

The people in the Mathers’ retirement community were shocked by the discovery. Neighbor James Kite remarked that the plan to take her partner’s benefits while keeping his corpse was a clever concept, yet still frightful. He then added that he wouldn’t want to reside in the same apartment as his deceased spouse.