Utah shooting incident kills family of eight, including five children

A shooting incident killed a family of eight, including five children, at a house in Enoch City, Utah. According to reports, all family members were found dead and suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Rob Dotson, Enoch City manager, explained that police officers did a welfare check after the family has been inactive for an extended time.

In a video statement, Dotson revealed that the deceased family was well-known in the Southern Utah town. He said that the family actively participated in the community.

“Many of us have served with them in church, in the community and gone to school with these individuals,” said Dotson.

When the police came to the house, they found eight dead bodies – three adults and five children.

He later stated that the community was “feeling pain” due to the incident.

“This community is feeling remorse, feeling pain,” Dotson said. “There are friends and neighbors and family members who are hurting because of this incident.”

Dotson said that he did not know the motive behind the incident, saying, “We don’t know why this happened. We’re not going to guess.”

Dotson also said that law enforcement agencies and city authorities were cooperating in a joint investigation. He then explained that the joint investigation could take days to complete.

“We still are gathering mountains of information to make sure that everything is done correctly,” said Dotson.

Authorities are looking into the incident

In a statement, the city officials said the public was in no danger and that the investigation was still ongoing.

The Enoch City PD also has an intercity partnership to investigate this case, working with the Cedar City PD and Iron County PD.

Authorities provided a crisis intervention team to assist students, parents and school staff in coping with this incident.