Two-year-old shoots himself with deputy’s gun

FERGUSON, MO – A 2-year-old child is recovering after mistakenly shooting himself with a firearm belonging to a St. Louis County deputy, his uncle, during a family event in Ferguson, Missouri over the weekend.

The toddler came across the firearm in a room where a gathering was taking place. Following investigations, the deputy was detained, facing suspicions of endangering a child’s welfare. He was, however, released on Wednesday, according to official reports.

Authorities stated that they intended to press charges on Thursday. Pat Washington, the Ferguson Police Department’s representative, stated that updates on the case would be provided.

The Department shared the child’s progress via their official Facebook page. The police thanked the officers who worked on the case and reiterated the tragic circumstances that can arise from improperly stored firearms.

The Kansas City Star noted that the toddler sustained a gunshot wound to his abdomen. The firearm was confirmed to belong to the toddler’s uncle, who is a deputy sheriff, confirmed Ferguson’s Police Chief Troy Doyle. It remains to be established whether the gun was department-issued.

Doyle highlighted the incident as a dire reminder of the necessity for responsible gun ownership and safety. He voiced the community’s sorrow over the unfortunate event, adding that the incident will leave emotional scars despite the child’s survival. Doyle urged gun owners to learn from this tragic event and ensure their firearms are securely stored.