Two teens arrested for mass shooting at house party

Just after midnight on Saturday night in Yuma, Arizona, an explosive situation erupted at a house party when gunshots rang out. Now, two people are dead and five more have been seriously injured—with two teens in custody.

The party had started off as a typical social gathering with around 100 people in attendance. However, it wasn’t long before an altercation broke out and 30 gunshots were fired. A 20 year old, Ande Blackthunder, and a 19 year old, Danny Garcia, were tragically killed in the incident. Five other teenagers, aged 15 to 19 were also injured.

The Yuma Police Department quickly jumped into action and have now apprehended 18-year-old Jose Lopez and 19-year-old Aden Arviso, each charged with respective counts of murder and disorderly conduct. With a search warrant in hand, the police conducted a raid on a Yuma residence where they found evidence connecting the teenagers to the shooting.

Yuma Police Chief Thomas Garrity revealed at a news conference that four off-duty law enforcement officers and one of their wives were in the area of the shooting at the time of the incident. The heroic individuals immediately rushed to the scene to provide medical aid to those who needed it and assist the arriving on-duty officers.

At present, investigators are still attempting to determine a concrete motive for the shooting. However, there is no indication that this was a random act. Police are currently testing the firearms for more information, and there is no word yet as to if more arrests may be expected.