Two shot during high school graduation ceremony

OAKLAND, CA – A graduation event at Skyline High School in Oakland was marred by violence as a shooting left two people wounded on Thursday evening. The Oakland Police Department reported the detention of two individuals related to the incident.

The Oakland Fire Department responded to an emergency call from the school at approximately 7:42 p.m., where two adults had suffered gunshot injuries in a parking lot, stated department spokesperson Michael Hunt. Both victims were rushed to the hospital and were in stable condition by 9 p.m. Their identities and potential student status remain unconfirmed. 

Reports also mentioned a third individual who arrived independently at a hospital with gunshot wounds, but police have yet to provide details regarding this individual’s involvement in the same incident.

Eyewitnesses present during the chaos recounted their experiences. A man named Larry described the panic that ensued when the shots were fired, while another named Jay Hackett detailed the confusion between the celebratory confetti poppers and gunshots.

One student shared his account of the terrifying experience, explaining that he and his friends were clicking photos post-event when they heard gunfire. School staff promptly guided them off the field and into safety.

Footage taken from a mobile phone reveals part of the horrifying incident, with what appears to be a skirmish unfolding, followed by gunshots and screams. The local authorities have labeled the shooting as an isolated event.