Two people dead in apparent murder-suicide at Walmart

HIRAM, GA – A shocking event transpired in a Walmart Super Center in Hiram, Georgia, when a man and a woman lost their lives in an apparent murder-suicide, as reported by local police. The fatal incident took place at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday in this small town, situated about 20 miles northwest of Atlanta.

The area where the shooting occurred was not crowded with shoppers, and thankfully, no other injuries were reported at the scene. According to Hiram Police Chief Michael Turner, there were no direct eyewitnesses to the dreadful event. However, the sound of the gunshots did not escape the ears of some shoppers.

One of the shoppers, Devani Lopez, shared her terrifying experience with reporters. She described the panic that ensued after the second gunshot, leading her and other customers to flee towards the exit.

The victims, whose names have not been released yet, were known to each other according to Chief Turner. Both of them lost their lives while they were being transported to the hospital. The initial investigation into their deaths points towards a possible murder-suicide.

In a statement, Walmart expressed its deep sorrow over the incident, underscoring the safety of its employees and customers as its utmost priority. The store will remain shut as the police continue their investigation.

The incident has also left the community in shock, with the police chief expressing his disbelief at the tragic event. He emphasized that such incidents are highly unusual for the area, stating, “We have not had an incident like that in the two plus years that I’ve been here.”