Two friends shot while trying to stop a fight in Trader Joe’s parking lot

An investigation is underway following an overnight shooting in a Trader Joe’s parking lot in Atlanta, where an altercation ended with two men being shot. The incident occurred as the pair reportedly tried to quell a physical fight that had broken out.

Atlanta police were dispatched to the bustling store located off Peachtree Road near Buckhead Village, arriving shortly before 3 a.m. after receiving distress calls about gunfire. On reaching the scene, they discovered one man wounded in his stomach in an adjacent parking area. Additionally, they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg.

Both victims were promptly transported to a local hospital for immediate medical attention. The police expressed optimism about their prognosis, confirming that both are expected to make a full recovery.

Preliminary information obtained by the police indicates that the two victims, who are known to be friends, were attempting to diffuse a heated fight they had chanced upon. In the course of their intervention, one of the involved brawlers drew a firearm and shot them both. The shooter subsequently fled the scene and remains at large, according to police reports.

The investigation is actively ongoing as the authorities seek to establish a comprehensive account of the incident. However, at this stage, they have not released any details regarding a suspect.