Two deputies in South Carolina involved in shootouts this weekend

South Carolina faced a surge of violence over the weekend when two separate shootouts occurred between armed men and law enforcement officers. Despite the risk of injury, the bravery of the officers was ultimately acknowledged when both deputy’s from McCormick and Lee county survived after being wounded in battle.

The first incident, which took place in McCormick County, was triggered after deputies responded to a 911 call about a suspicious individual. While on the scene, officers were immediately ambushed by 20-year-old Obed Barba who opened fire on the deputies.

Suspecting an opportunity to avoid casualty, at least one deputy returned fire and succeeded in eliminating the assailant. Although Barba was killed from gunshot wounds, the deputy was thankfully brought to a medical facility with minor injuries.

The second shootout involved deputies who were deployed to Lee County in regards to a domestic assault involving a gun. As soon as the deputies arrived, they were confronted by 27-year-old Marquis Griffin who ultimately provoked a gunfight with the officers.

Despite Griffin’s aggression, the officers emerged victorious when the assailant was killed and a deputy was left wounded in the leg.

The State Law Enforcement Division has reported a total of 18 people shot by law enforcement officers since the start of 2021. And while last year witnessed 32 police shootings investigated by state agents, it serves as a reminder of the responsibility that law enforcement officers take on daily to defend their communities.