Train crash kills four and injures more than fifty

RAGHUNATHPUR, BIHAR, INDIA – A train derailment near Raghunathpur railroad station in Buxar district resulted in the tragic death of four individuals and left 50 others injured on Wednesday night. The unfortunate event involved the North-East Express train, which was en route to Assam state from the national capital, New Delhi. Six of its 23 coaches went off the tracks, leading to the tragic aftermath.

Local authorities, including police officer Manish Kumar, confirmed the casualties. Efforts to rescue and provide immediate medical assistance to the injured passengers were expedited. However, the cover of nightfall posed challenges. Notwithstanding, emergency medical teams accompanied by ambulances quickly arrived at the scene. Hospitals in the vicinity were also put on high alert to attend to the injured passengers.

D.K. Pathak, a railroad official who was aboard during the mishap, revealed that most injuries originated from one particular derailed coach. Details about the cause of the derailment remain scanty as investigations are ongoing.

India’s extensive rail network, spanning 40,000 miles and catering to over 12 million daily commuters, has historically seen its share of accidents. Several incidents, including those in June and past years, have been attributed to human errors and aging signaling equipment. Efforts to modernize the infrastructure and bolster safety measures have been ongoing to ensure safer journeys for its vast number of passengers.