Tourist’s body parts found inside shark that ate him alive

The remains of a Russian tourist, believed to have been attacked by a shark, were retrieved from inside animal. The incident followed the disturbing video footage that captured the final moments of the victim, 23-year-old Vladimir Popov.

The tragic event unfolded last week in Hurghada, a popular destination along the Red Sea. The video revealed the chilling moments of Popov’s struggle with a tiger shark before being pulled under the water as his desperate cries for help echoed across the beach.

Soon after the event, the suspected shark was captured and, in a wave of fury and terror, was beaten to death by a group of bystanders on the shore. Following a careful autopsy performed by experts, Popov’s remains were discovered within the shark’s digestive system, effectively confirming the predator’s involvement in the gruesome incident, as reported by local outlet Al Arabiya.

The incident occurred while Popov was enjoying a swim in the Red Sea, as part of a leisurely visit to the resort with his father, Yury Popov.

According to the father, they had gone to the beach to unwind when the shark unexpectedly attacked his son.

The shocking incident drew a large crowd of stunned tourists and locals alike. Following the shark’s capture and subsequent death at the hands of a vigilante mob, a grisly scene unfolded.

The mob was seen in a video mercilessly beating the animal, with one onlooker even seizing the moment to take a selfie against the backdrop of the appalling spectacle.

The authorities have yet to comment on whether the slain shark had been implicated in other reported incidents in the area.