Topless woman accused of smashing Jesus statue inside Catholic church

This week, a topless woman entered a Catholic church in North Dakota and broke a statue of Jesus, as reported by the police.

Officers arrived at St. Mary’s Cathedral in downtown Fargo after receiving a call about vandalism. They witnessed Brittany Reynolds, who was believed to be under the effect of narcotics.

The 35-year-old woman was seen without a shirt, a bra, and also without any shoes. Surveillance footage provided to the police revealed that Reynolds entered the church, knocked down a potted plant, and subsequently took down a large statue of Jesus from the wall. She preceded to destroy the sacred statue on the ground.

After trying to run away, Reynolds was detained by the police and was unable to answer basic questions.

Church administrators informed Valley News Live that the Cathedral embraces all visitors per their open-door policy. The director of communications for Diocese of Fargo, Paul Braun, shared with the outlet, “We just hope that people show the reverence and respect that they should for a house of God.”

In the past, the church has experienced additional vandalism of its statues. Two years ago, there was a statue of Jesus that was defaced with black spray paint, as reported by Valley News Live.

Braun also commented on the previous vandalism scandal, saying, “In all these incidents, we hope that the people who are part of that and do these things get the help they need, and we pray for them.”