Toddler shot by stray bullet at daycare

Utah authorities have zeroed in on a person of interest in connection with a terrifying incident where a stray bullet struck a toddler. The Spanish Fork Police Department disclosed that the man had allegedly fired a .22 caliber air rifle near a local daycare center, inadvertently injuring the 2-year-old boy.

The incident occurred in West Spanish Fork, Utah, where the man was reportedly shooting at birds in the vicinity of the daycare. Tragically, a stray bullet from his air rifle struck the toddler, who was in a nearby play area.

The child is currently recuperating at a local hospital. Reportedly, he’s in stable condition and showing signs of improvement.

The person of interest, who will not be named unless formally indicted, is collaborating with the authorities in the ongoing investigation. Upon completion, the police will forward the case to the district attorney’s office to determine whether charges should be filed.

The authorities were first alerted about the incident by a local police department after the toddler received medical attention. The child had been admitted with a minor bullet wound to the head.

Upon further inquiry, the detectives ascertained that the incident occurred while several children were engaged in play under the supervision of two adults within a vinyl-fenced area of a daycare. During this time, one of the children was noticed to have stumbled and was bleeding from the face.

It was only upon medical examination at the hospital that the doctors detected a small caliber bullet lodged in the child’s head through scanning.