Toddler shoots 2-year-old brother to death

COVINGTON, KY – Selena Farrell, 23, and Tashaun Adams, 21, are parents who have been recently arrested in connection to their child’s death. Their two-year-old son was fatally shot by his older sibling. The parents, alongside an accomplice, have been charged with manslaughter and were arrested on Thursday in Northern Kentucky.

Farrell has been held on four charges, including manslaughter, firearm possession by a convicted felon, child abandonment, and a felony offense probation violation, according to the records at Kenton County Jail. On Friday, during her short video arraignment, Farrell feigned innocence.

Monday marked the tragic loss of toddler Khalil Adams at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. His mother, Farrell, stands accused of negligently leaving a loaded firearm within her three-year-old son’s reach, which resulted in the fatal shooting of his younger brother. A press conference is scheduled for Friday by the Kenton County Prosecutor, Rob Sanders, for further disclosure of case details.

The toddler’s father, Adams, was apprehended by Florence police on Thursday. Later, he was booked at Boone County Jail on charges relating to manslaughter and hindering justice. Adams is expected to remain at Boone until his transfer to Kenton County Jail. His court attendance for the obstruction of justice charge is penciled in for February 15, with his bail set at $25,000.

Investigators say that Farrell and Adams, while attempting to elude the police, took refuge at a Boone County hotel with an accomplice, Jeremiah Thomas, 20. Thomas was arrested and confined at Boone County Jail on grounds of impeding justice. He was, however, released later on.

The series of arrests was triggered by an emergency police response to gunshots near Skyline Apartments on Monday. Farrell was reported to have fled the scene prior to law enforcement’s arrival and did not present herself at the hospital. Authorities believe she escaped due to an existing warrant for a probation violation.

Adams, who was sleeping at the time of the incident, reported to police that he woke up to a gunshot and found their child grievously injured, leading him to call 911.

Farrell confessed that she owned the gun prior to her felony conviction and had handed it over to Adams. This assertion brought about the pronounced warrant for her arrest by the county prosecutor.