Toddler accidentally shoots herself dead

HAMPTON, VA – A 2-year-old girl from Hampton, Virginia, tragically lost her life in an accidental self-inflicted gunshot incident that took place on Tuesday afternoon. The Hampton Police Department received a call at approximately 1:05 p.m. The call was reporting the shooting incident, which was reportedly located at the 500 Block of Marcella Road.

When the police made their arrival at the scene, responding officers found the minor with a single gunshot wound, as per the department’s press release on Tuesday. The child was quickly transported to a local hospital for medical treatment. However, the toddler ultimately succumbed to her injuries while she was there.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the toddler was inside a residence when she found a loaded firearm, leading to the accidental self-inflicted gunshot incident. The police provided no further information about the fatal incident. However, they are currently investigating the toddler’s untimely death.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the police mentioned there were no updates in the investigation. There have been no arrests made or charges filed as of yet in connection to the horrifying crime.

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