Three Officers Injured In Gun Battle With Felon

Three Los Angeles Police Department officers were hospitalized on Wednesday evening after sustaining injuries in a tense confrontation with a suspect.

According to LAPD Assistant Chief Alfred Labrada at a news conference, police had responded to Lincoln Heights in search of a parolee who seemed to resist commands.

Suddenly, the suspect emerged and opened fire on the officers, leaving three of them wounded.

In response to the attack, at least one officer returned fire, though it has not been confirmed how many were present in the gunfire. The officers were immediately brought to a nearby hospital, where they were all listed in stable condition.

Though authorities have yet to release the identity of the suspect or details on how they died, it appears the confrontation ended with a warning to the entire city of Los Angeles, as a city-wide tactical alert was issued that evening.

Mayor Karen Bass paid the three officers a visit, recognizing their bravery and noting the severity of the danger officers face daily.