Three dead, four injured in helicopter crash during skiing trip

TERRACE, BC – A tragic helicopter crash during a heli-skiing excursion in British Columbia, Canada, resulted in the death of three individuals and the critical injury of four others. Two of the deceased were Italian tourists, Andreas Widmann, 35, and Heiner Oberrauch, 29.

The helicopter, which was carrying a total of seven individuals, crashed into a mountainside near Terrace on Monday. Officials from Northern Escape Heli-Skiing, the company hosting the excursion, detailed the emergency response efforts launched in the wake of the disaster.

John Forrest, president of Northern Escape Heli-Skiing, shared that after the crash an injured passenger used a radio to alert for assistance. “At that time we activated our rescue protocols, including ceasing skiing activities and activating search and rescue,” Forrest said. The company’s two additional helicopters present at the site joined the emergency response alongside the team of guides.

The exact cause of the tragic incident is still under investigation. According to Forrest, his company has been operating Koala Agusta A199 helicopters for the past 20 years, and each helicopter is maintained on a daily by a dedicated engineer, leaving no apparent cause for any mechanical issues.

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, has voiced his condolences and assured the provision of maximum assistance to the injured Italians from the Consulate in Vancouver.