Three bystanders shot at gas station

DEKALB COUNTY, GA – A widely-circulated video of a shootout at a DeKalb County gas station that left three men injured led to the arrest of Darius Morris, 34, according to local authorities. On Tuesday, Morris was charged with triple counts of aggravated assault linked to the shooting incident at a gas station located on the 2000 block of Candler Road.

Morris, who was already out on bond for a 2020 murder allegation, was named as a suspect on Wednesday. The shooting itself took place before 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday night. Officers discovered a couple of wounded men, aged 32 and 44, both of whom sustained non-life-threatening gunshot injuries. A third victim, aged 39, suffered a graze wound that did not require hospital treatment.

Surveillance footage shows an alarming scene, with several men stepping out of a vehicle and firing rounds amidst fleeing cars. Video footage showed captured bystanders within the store ducking as soon as they heard the gunshots.

Patrice Campbell, a regular customer at the gas station, expressed her shock over the incident. She appealed for the public to shun gun violence, emphasizing the usual safety of the location.

The DeKalb County Police Department disclosed that preliminary information indicated a clash between two groups in the parking lot. However, the three victims seem not to have any particular link to the incident.

According to the police, the investigation into the shooting is ongoing. Efforts are underway to identify and locate additional suspects implicated in the shooting.