Three American sailors missing off the coast of Mexico

The quest to locate three missing American sailors has expanded to a multinational search centered over the Gulf of California. On April 4, Kerry O’Brien, Frank O’Brien and William Gross set sail on the “Ocean Bound”, a 44-foot LaFitte sailboat on their way to San Diego. The ultimate destination was planned to be Cabo San Lucas to pick up additional supplies, but now the Trio’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The Mexican Navy partnered up with the United States Coast Guard to help with the search. Mariners across the Baja, Mexico region are being asked to keep an eye out for the missing persons and vessel. In addition to direct requests, the Coast Guard has sent out urgent marine broadcasts, requests for assistance via VHF radio, and contacted marinas throughout the region. So far, none of these attempts have yielded any positive results.

The location of the boat complicates the situation, as the distance between Mazatlán and Cabo San Lucas is around 200 miles. This journey would take them across the dangerous and unpredictable Gulf of California, more commonly known as the Sea of Cortez. The “Ocean Bound” is a well-equipped vessel for long-distance voyages with a variety of safety features such as watertight bulkheads, self-bailing cockpit, and a keel-stepped mast.

The Coast Guard and Mexican Navy remain firm in their commitment to locating the missing men. All with information are encouraged to reach out via the command center at (619) 278-7077 and the families of the sailors have requested prayers for their safe return.