Texas man shot to death while on FaceTime call with his girlfriend

HOUSTON, TX – A fatal shooting occurred in northeast Houston in the late hours of Thursday evening when a Texas man was killed while on a FaceTime call with his girlfriend, according to local law enforcement.

The incident happened at about 8:40 p.m. Houston Fire Department paramedics were first on the scene, finding a 45-year-old man, who had been shot twice in the chest, in his residence. Despite their efforts, the man was tragically pronounced dead at the scene.

Police investigation has revealed that the man was engaged in a FaceTime call with his girlfriend at the time of the incident. According to Lt. I. Izaguirre of the Houston Police Department, the man alerted his girlfriend to a troublesome situation before the tragic event transpired.

When Houston PD officers arrived, they cleared the house, finding it empty. The circumstances of how the attacker got into the house remain uncertain. “We don’t know if they kicked the door in or were welcomed in, there’s still a lot of questions,” Lt. Izaguirre told local reporters.

Investigations are now focused on establishing a motive for the crime, with robbery reportedly being a consideration.

Witness descriptions reveal a blue Chevy Silverado pickup truck was seen departing from the residence after the sounds of gunshots. Detectives hope security cameras installed on the house can provide critical information about the fatal incident.